Service headlines:

  • No minimum contract period
  • Performance optimized
  • Enterprise Hardware
  • Never oversold
  • Real privacy
Free Seedbox Basic Seedbox Advanced Seedbox
50GB Disk space 100GB Disk space 250GB Disk space
256MB Dedicated RAM 512MB Dedicated RAM 1024MB Dedicated RAM
5 Active torrents Unlimited active torrents Unlimited active torrents
500MB Traffic included Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
100 MBit Port 100 MBit Port 100 MBit Port
Create Torrents Create Torrents
IRC Plugin (irssi)
Free from 5.99$Monthly from 9.99$Monthly
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Best speeds

DDHOSTED rests on one of the worlds largest networks. We have partnered with this network provider to ensure the best, most powerful speeds out there.

Instant Setup

Get seeding as soon as possible with our instant setup process! All of DDHOSTED’s shared seedbox plans come with instant setup upon payment.

Support Center

Our highly experienced support team can assist you with any issues you might have that cover the services we provided and can even go beyond that. All you need to do is ask!

What is a Seedbox?

A seedbox is a personal server where you can download torrents on a super fast connection, store them, then when you’re ready download them to your personal computer at maximum speeds.

Also known as torrent hosting, you can download and seed using our affordable seed boxes as long as the content is legal! Download the files via FTP, to or from your own computer. Save your personal bandwidth and let our torrent hosting do the work! All servers are running on 100mbit lines, and our offshore seed box packages include access to your own exclusive running copy of pre-setup ruTorrent, dedicated hard drive space for your torrents, and an FTP account to manage and transfer your files.

What makes a DDHOSTED Seedbox Better??

We are a service company, therefore we think that Customer Support is our #1 priority. We put our customers above all else and try to make your experience with us as simple as possible. We allow multiple methods of contacting support so you can pick how best suits your needs!

Our Seedboxes are also some of the best servers in the industry. We will NEVER overload a server past 4 people per server. Many seedbox providers will lead you on by stating “4 users per hard drive”, but the problem is their servers may have 2-4 hard drives meaning your sharing your box with 8-32 other users!

We pre-install rtorrent and rutorrent on each seedbox. With each seedbox account a user will expect to get these awesome features:

  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Private Proxy Server
  • SSL Secure login page
  • FTPS Download Access (Secured Connection)
  • HTTPS Download Access (Secured Connection)
  • Unrar/Unzip on Server
  • Unlimited Torrents
  • Self Serve Start/Stop/Restart rTorrent from our Webui – No more waiting for an Admin to reboot your seedbox!
  • Our Selection of the best plugins you can get
  • Native Transdroid Support – Use your Android phone to access your torrents with Built in App Support!
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